Symposium on "Nuclear Equation of State used in Astrophysics Models"

August 25-26, 2004
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia ACS Meeting Picture, JINA, 2005

The die-hards who stayed past the end of the sessions are:

Back Row (from left)
Michael Pearson (Universite de Montreal, Canada), Willy Reisdorf (GSI), Brad Meyer (Clemson University), Bill Lynch (Michigan State University), Betty Tsang (Michigan State University, Canada), Jim Lattimer (SUNY Stony Brook), Bob Rutledge (McGill University), Stephan Rosswog (International University, Bremen, Germany), Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State University), Will Newton (Oxford University, UK)

Front Row (from left)
Chuck Horowitz (Indiana University), Akira Ono (University of Tohoku, Japan), Lee Sobotka (Washington University)

Bob Rutledge and Chuck Horowitz will organize the next symposium on the same topic at Montreal, 2006.

(Photo credit: Janet Bryant, Women Chemists Committee, ACS.)      Sept. 7, 2004