First Workshop on "State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics"

Institut Interdisciplinaire Hubert Curien
Departement de Recherches Subatomiques & Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg I, France
May 13 - May 16, 2008

F I R S T     C I R C U L A R

We are pleased to announce the first Workshop "State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics", which will be held at the "Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien" in Strasbourg (France) on May 13-16,2008. The programme will focus on "Clusters in Nuclei".

A Theoretical Winter School on "Clusters in Nuclei" was previously organised in Strasbourg in February 2005 (see the following web site: In the last few years beside the traditional Cluster Conferences (Cluster '03 held in 2003 in Nara, Japan - see Nuclear Physics A738 (2004) - and Cluster '07 held last September in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK), other more informal workshops have been organised with about 25 participants on average either in Rostock (2003, 2004 and 2005), in Munich (2006) or in RCNP Osaka, Japan, in April 2006. The subject mostly was concentrated around 'alpha particle condensation in nuclear systems'. Besides one (RCNP, Osaka published in 2007 in Issue 13/14 of International Journal of Modern Physics B 21), generally no official workshop proceedings were available (only in some internal reports).

For this first workshop, it is anticipated to have both theoretical and experimental presentations on many aspects of Nuclear Clustering. If time permits, all contributions will be accepted and presented orally. For the benefit of young researchers, our intention is to retain the pedagogical nature of our earlier school.

The following topics have been selected in order to cover most of the scientific programme:
1) Alpha Condensates and Analogy with Condensed Matter Approaches
2) Alpha Clustering and Nuclear Molecules
3) Clusters in Nuc1ear Astrophysics
4) Cluster Radioactivity
5) Clusters in Superheavy Nuclei
6) Clustering in Nuclei far from Stability and Spectroscopic Factors for two- and three-body Reactions

International Advisory Committee

Daniel Baye (Universite Libre Bruxelles)
Angela Bonnaccorso (INFN Pisa)
Bernard Borderie (IPN Orsay)
Pierre Descouvemont (Universite Libre Bruxelles)
Hans Feldmeier (GSI Darmstadt)
Martin Freer (University of Birmimgham)
Mamoru Fujiwara (RCNP Osaka)
Walter Greiner (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies)
Konstantin Gridnev (University of St Petersburg)
Hisashi Horiuchi (RCNP Osaka)
Wolfram von Oertzen (HMI Berlin)
Nigel Orr (LPC Caen)
Philippe Quentin (CENBG Bordeaux)
Gerd Roepke (University of Rostock)

Local Organizing Committee

Christian Beck (IPHC/DRS Strasbourg)
Marianne Dufour (IPHC/DRS Strasbourg)
Peter Schuck (IPN Orsay)

The purpose of the Workshop is the exchange of ideas and of new developments in Clustering Phenomena in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics both in theory and in experiments.

A more detailed programme will be sent out at a later stage in the second circular. We would appreciate if you could let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend the Workshop. In any case a reply not later than March 1, 2008, deadline for abstract submission would be appreciated.

We would very much appreciate your participation at this workshop. As the Workshop will mostly be quite informal we encourage you and your students to propose contributions. The talk formats are expected to be approximately 20-30 minutes (including a sufficient ammount of time for both discussions and related questions).

Further information will be found in the forthcoming workshop website soon available.

To pre-register please send an email to with the following informations:

Last Name:
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