The 7th Torino Workshop on Nucleosynthesis in AGB Stars

2nd - 6th August 2004

Dedicated to the memory of Manuel Forestini

Hosted by Churchill College and the Institute of Astronomy,
University of Cambridge

Local organising committee:
Christopher Tout, Maria Lugaro, John Eldridge, Richard Stancliffe

Scientific organising committee:
Christopher Tout (Cambridge), Maria Lugaro (Cambridge),
John Lattanzio (Monash University, Australia), Roberto Gallino (Torino, Italy),
Joachim Goerres (JINA, University of Notre Dame, USA)

Participation IS LIMITED TO ABOUT 30 PEOPLE to ensure the greatest interaction among all participants. Hence it is important that you LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you or anyone in your group are interested in attending by email to Maria Lugaro at

We would like to cover all the local expenses for all the participants. To this aim we need to collect about 15,000 pounds (1 pound = 1.43 euro = 1.70 US$). Currently we have collected 8,000 pounds from the Institute of Astronomy, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA), Churchill College and the Royal Astronomical Society. We also have applied for support from the American Astronomical Society and the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Please let us know if you or your institution can help sponsoring the workshop.

Scientific Program:
Major topics to be discussed include theoretical modelling of the evolution and nucleosynthesis in AGB and post-AGB Stars, stellar observations and meteoritic presolar grain data and the impact of AGB stars on the Galactic Chemical Evolution. Each participant is strongly encouraged to present a detailed description of their work. We will uphold the tradition of extensive discussion during and after presentations.

Social Activities:
To maintain coherence of the group we shall live and eat together in Churchill College. Accomodation is provided in spacious student rooms. There will be opportunities to visit the rest of the city and for punting on the river Cam as well as something further afield such as visit to a local brewery.

Updated information on the workshop are available at .


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