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JINA-CEE Former Participants

  • Former Faculty
  • Former Postdocs
  • Former Graduate Students
  • Former Undergraduate Students

    Former Faculty

    Name Former Institute Year
    Horowitz, Charles Michigan State University 2012 Visiting Faculty
    Reddy, Sanjay Los Alamos National Lab 2010-2012 Faculty
    Chomiuk, Laura B. Michigan State University 2013 Faculty
    Perdikakis,Georgios Michigan State University 2011-2013 Beam Physicist
    Amthor, Matt Michigan State University 2013 Faculty
    Surman, Rebecca University of Notre Dame 2013 Faculty
    Tang, Xiaodong University of Notre Dame 2007-2013 Faculty
    Azuma, Richard University of Notre Dame 2007-2013 Adjunct Faculty
    Avetisyan, Roza University of Notre Dame 2013 Research Visitor
    Shiller, Andreas Ohio University 2013-2014 Faculty
    Vetter, Paul LBNL 2013-2014 Faculty
    Famiano, Michael Western Michigan 2013-2014 Faculty
    Nollett, Kenneth ANL 2013-2014 Faculty
    Steiner, Andrew University of Washington 2013-2014 Faculty
    Lazendic-Galloway, Jasmina Monash University, Australia 2013-2015 Scientific staff

    Former Postdocs

    Name Former Institute Year Status
    Gasques, Leandro University of Notre Dame 2003-2005 Academia
    Gupta, Sanjib Michigan State University 2003-2011 Faculty
    Kasen, Daniel Johns Hopkins University 2003-2004 Academia
    Notani, Masahiro University of Notre Dame 2003-2010 Nat'l Lab
    Otsuki, Kaori University of Chicago 2003-2007  
    Rapp, Wolfgang University of Notre Dame 2003-2005  
    Sinha, S. Argonne National Lab 2003-2004 Nat'l Lab
    Townsley, Dean University of Chicago 2003-2008 Faculty
    Wang, J.C. Argonne National Lab 2003-2004 Academia
    Zhou, Zhongquan Argonne National Lab 2003-2007 Academia
    Fisker, Jacob University of Notre Dame 2004-2007 Industry
    Galaviz-Redondo, Daniel Michigan State University 2004-2006 Postdoc, Academia
    Lisetskyy, Oleksandr Michigan State University 2004-2005 Academia
    Matos, Milan Michigan State University 2004-2008 Postdoc, Academia
    Piau, Laurent Michigan State University 2004-2007 Postdoc
    Sakharuk, Alexander Florida Gulf Coast University 2004-2008 Faculty
    Thirupath, Sivarani Michigan State University 2004-2008 Academia
    Costantini, Heide INFN - University of Genoa 2005-2008 Academia
    Shimbara, Yoshihiro Michigan State University 2005-2009 Academia
    Lan, Nguyen University of Notre Dame 2005-2006  
    Tur Clarisse Michigan State University 2005-2008 Industry
    Hecht, Adam Argonne National Lab 2006-2010 Academia
    Imbriani, Gianluca Univ. of Naples "Federico II" 2006-2009 Academia
    Lee, Hye-Young Argonne National Lab 2006-2009 Staff, Nat'l Lab
    Ott, Christian David University of Arizona 2006-2009 Faculty
    Steiner, Andrew Michigan State University 2006-2011 INT Fellow
    Tilley, David University of Notre Dame 2006-2008  
    Farouqi, Khalil University of Chicago 2007-2009 Industry
    Pignatari, Marco Keele University/Notre Dame 2007-2011 Academia
    Raiola, Francesco University of Notre Dame 2007-2008 Postdoc
    Schuermann, Daniel University of Notre Dame 2007-2009 Postdoc
    Strandberg, Elizabeth University of Notre Dame 2007-2008
    Deibel, Catherine Argonne National Laboratory 2008-2011 Faculty
    DelSanto, Marcelo Michigan State University 2009-2011 Industry
    Estrade, Alfredo Michigan State University/GSI 2009-2010 Postdoc, Nat'l Lab
    George, Sebastian Michigan State University 2009-2012 Postdoc, Academia
    Jacobson, Heather Michigan State University 2009-2012 Academia
    Jordan, George University of Chicago 2009-2010  
    Nordhaus, Jason Princeton University 2009-2011  
    Rantsiou, Emmanouela Princeton University 2009-2010  
    Sasano, Masaki Michigan State University 2010-2011  
    Schlesinger, Katharine Ohio State University 2010-2011  
    Sobeck, Jennifer University of Chicago 2010-2011  
    Chamulak, David University of Chicago 2010-2012  
    Athanassiadou,Themis Arizona State University 2010-2012  
    Magkotsios, Georgios University of Notre Dame 2011-2012  
    Lee, Young Sun Michigan State University 2011-2013  
    Sterling, Nicholas Craig Michigan State University 2011-2013  
    Best, Andreas University of Notre Dame 2011-2013 Gran Sasso S.S. Italy
    Devi, Sunil University of Notre Dame 2012-2013  
    Fang, Dongliang Michigan State University 2012-2013  
    Bowers, Matthew University of Notre Dame 2013  
    ‹berseder, Ethan University of Notre Dame 2013-2014  
    Sobeck, Jennifer University of Chicago 2012-2014  
    Ugalde, Claudio University of Chicago 2012-2014  
    Murphy, Jeremiah Princeton University 2012-2014  
    Dolence, Josh Princeton University 2012-2014  
    Alcorta, Martin ANL 2012-2014  
    Almarez-Calderon, Sergio ANL 2012-2014  
    Rockefeller, Gabe Los Alamos National Lab 2012-2014  
    Pignatari, Marco University of Victoria 2012-2014  
    Gomez, Facundo Michigan State University 2012-2014  
    Keek, Laurens Michigan State University 2012-2014  
    Chajecki, Zbigniew Michigan State University 2012-2014  
    Shane, Rebecca Michigan State University 2012-2014  
    Noji, Shumpei Michigan State University 2012-2014  
    Simon, Anna Michigan State University 2012-2014  
    Kontos, Antonios Michigan State University 2012-2014  

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