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Fall 2010





Accessing the Symmetry Energy in Reaction Dynamics (Canceled!)

August 23
NSH 124

Guiseppe Verde
INFN, Sezione di Catania, Italy

Isotopes for the Nationís Future

August 30

Ani Aprahamian
University of Notre Dame

Determination of the stellar reaction rates of O-17(alpha,n)Ne-20 and O-17(alpha, gamma)Ne-21

September 6

Andreas Best
University of Notre Dame

The 40Ca(a, g) cross section analysis

September 13

Daniel Robertson
University of Notre Dame

Ion Beam Analysis and Applications

September 20

Graham Peasley
Hope College

Low-energy cluster resonances near the a-threshold of stellar neutron sources

September 27

Rashi Talwar
University of Notre Dame

Quantum Decoherence in Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction Dynamics?

October 4

Alexis Diaz-Torres
University of Surrey, UK

Nucleon-Nucleus Reaction Calculations as Evaluation of Modern Structure Models

October 11

Gustavo Nobre
Livermore National Lab

The Electron Beam Ion Trap-Source:
Concept and Research Applications

October 25

Dieter Schneider
NIF, Livermore National Lab

Nuclear-Free Zone? Not Likely. The Unsung Uses of Radioactivity in Industry and Everyday Life

November 1

Lissa Tegelman
DBA Isotope Products

Nucleosynthesis in AGB Stars: 19F Production

November 8

Gianluca Imbriani
University of Naples, Italy

Activation experiments for p-process nucleosynthesis

November 15

Kerstin Sonnabend
TU Darmstadt, Germany

The use of Nondestructive Assay (NDA) Technologies in support of Nuclear Safeguards

November 22

Pete Santi
Los Alamos Laboratory

Story of Triaxiality in A~160-170 region: A review and updates

November 29

Somsundar Mukhopadhyay
Mississippi State University

Nuclear Reactions with Photons for nuclear Astrophysics

Decemebr 6

Mary Beard
FZ Rossendorf, Germany

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