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Fall 2013





Using beta-decay to study properties of 12C

August 26

Martin Alcorta
Argonne National Laboratory

Using transfer reactions to probe nuclear structure properties relevant to
neutrinoless double beta decay

September 16

Benjamin Kay
Argonne National Laboratory

Direct Observation of the Second
2+ State in 12C

September 23

William Zimmerman
UTNL/Duke University

The LUNA experiment at Gran Sasso Laboratory: studying stars by going underground

September 26

Alessandra Guglielmetti
University of Milan, Italy

Plasma Nuclear Science: Nuclear Science in Hot, Dense, and Dynamic Laboratory Plasmas

September 30

Dennis McNabb
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Cross Section Measurements for 34S(α,γ)

October 4
2:00 pm

Patrick O’Malley
Colorado School of Mines

Inverse-kinematic studies with the Phoswich Wall and a Germanium array

October 7

Walter Reviol
Washington University

Fusion studies of low-intensity beams using an active-target time-projection chamber

October 14

Alan Howard
University of Notre Dame

Measurement of Scintillation and Ionization of Nuclear Recoils in Noble Elements for Dark Matter Searches

October 28

"Charles" Huajie Cao
Princeton Univeristy

Nuclear physics input for the p-process

October 29

Ana Simon
University of Richmond

Nuclear astrophysics with gamma-ray beams

November 4

Claudio Ugalde
Argonne National Laboratory

Dark matter searches and cryogenic semiconductor detectors

November 18

Anthony Villano
University of Minnesota

Spin Phenomena in Elastic Scattering
of 6He and 8He off Protons

November 21

Charlotte Elster
Ohio University

Low-energy nuclear response:
structure and underlying mechanisms

November 25

Elena Litvinova
Western Michigan University

Neutron Spectroscopy without Time-of-Flight: (d,n) and (3He,n) Measurements using DSP-based Deuterated Scintillators

December 2

Michael Febbraro
University of Michigan

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