Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2008





New measurements of r-process nuclei

January 28

Matt Quinn
University of Notre Dame

Chiral Rotation: Past, Present and Future

February 4

Daniel Almehed
University of Notre Dame

Biophysics in Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

February 11

Petra Schmalbrock
Ohio State University

The Decade of Dark Energy

February 27

Peter Garnavich
University of Notre Dame

R-Matrix Analysis of 16O(a,y)20Ne Using AZURE

March 10

James de Boer
University of Notre Dame

Probing the Nuclear Equation of State at NSCL

March 17

Abigal Bickley
Michigan State University

Coupled-channels calculations of heavy-ion fusion at extreme sub-barrier energies

March 24

Henning Exbensen
Argonne National Laboratory

Resonance Ionization for Selective Production, Spectroscopy and Analytics of Exotic Species

March 31

Klaus Wendt
University of Mainz, Germany

Nuclear Structure results with RISING at GSI and future plans at FAIR

April 7

Plamen Boutachkov
GSI, Germany

Ab Initio Calculations of Electroweak Transitions in Light Nuclei

April 14

Muslema Pervin
Argonne National Lab

Gluing together constituent-quarks

April 21

Craig Roberts
Argonne National Lab

One Hundred 30 Dors: Is the Milky Way different or are we somehow missing them?

April 22

Margaret Hanson
University of Cincinnati

Production of 7Be in Stars

April 28

Lucio Gialanella
University of Naples, Italy

Recent applications of the Trojan Horse Method in nuclear astrophysics

April 29

Claudio Spitaleri
INFN, Catania, Italy

The s process signature in SiC presolar grains: a constrain for stellar nucleosynthesis and nuclear astrophysics

May 5

Marco Pignatari
Keele University, UK

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