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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2012





Streaked X-Ray Radiography Experiments on the National Ignition Facility

January 23

Amy Cooper
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA

Renaissance of the Discovery of Isotopes

January 30

Michael Thoennessens

AMS detection system for actinides at the Argonne Fragment Mass Analyzer

February 6

Chithra Kumaran Nair
Argonne National Laboratory

Study of 9C via the d(10C,t)9C reaction

February 13

Scott Marley
Western Michigan University

The Beauty of the (n,n' g) Reaction for Investigating Collective Excitations Across the Te Isotopic Chain

February 20

Sally Hicks
University of Dallas

Nuclear Configuration Interaction: the Golden Standard of Nuclear Structure Calculations

February 27

Mihai Horoi
Central Michigan University

The Importance of Being Neutral

March 19

William Peters
Oak Ridge National Lab

Indications of deformation along N = 40 isotones

April 2

Sean Liddick

Where do unusual metal-poor stars abundances come from?

April 16

Fernando Montes

Update of the Fukushima Accident: Physical Events and Radiation Effects

April 23

Jay LaVerne
University of Notre Dame

Taming the computational scale explosion in the nuclear many-body problem

April 30

Mark Caprio
University of Notre Dame

A New Spectroscopic Tool by the Radioactive-Isotope-Beam Induced Exothermic Charge-Exchange Reaction

May 7

Shumpei Noji

The Rare Earth Peak: An Overlooked r-Process Diagnostic

May 9

Matt Mumpower
North Carolina State University

What's the NORM?

May 24

Patrick Regan
University of Surrey, UK

The evolution of nuclear structure in 158Er and the collective structures at ultrahigh spin in the rare earth nuclei

June 8

Xiaofeng Wang
Florida State University

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