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Nuclear Structure Laboratory @ Notre Dame

June 12 - 23, 2006

PIXE-PAN 2006 is a relatively new program at Notre Dame replicating the very successful Physics of the Atomic Nuclei (PAN) program from MSU. It is a summer science program for high school science, physical science, chemistry, and physics teachers and high school students. Participants will explore topics in modern science and nuclear physics.

The program introduces teachers and students to the fundamentals of the extremely small domain of atomic nuclei and its connection to the extremely large domain of astrophysics and cosmology. Lectures and hands-on experiments are led by senior faculty and staff of the Institute for Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics (ISNAP).



PIXE-PAN 2006 was sponsored by JINA, the NSL, and the University of Notre Dame.

Updated July 26, 2006