JINA's Undergraduate Research Assistance Program
( JURA Program )

JURA@MSU Spring 2007 participants are:

Ryan Ferguson
Karl Smith
Timo Fleckenstein

(visiting from University of Giessen)

MSU Undergraduate students become members of the MSU Nuclear Astrophysics Group and work on various research projects in experimental and theoretical nuclear astrophysics. Recent science projects included:

-- Building a cosmic ray detector to suppress
    background in the NSCL's neutron detector NERO;

-- Participation in NSCL experiments (projects during setup,
    and running shifts);

-- Simulation of rare isotope transport through the NSCL beamline system for nuclear
    astrophysics experiments;

-- Analysis of nuclear physics uncertainties on the
    compositionof the ashes from thermonuclear
    explosionson neutron stars;

-- Developmemt of a web-based database system for nuclear astrophysics data.

Students are paid by the hour on flexible schedules with typically 10-20 hours/week. If you are a major in physics or a related field, have a strong interest in physics, and are interested in participating in this program contact:

Prof. Hendrik Schatz - schatz@nscl.msu.edu

To learn more about the science browse the MSU's Nuclear Astrophysics Group homepage: http://groups.nscl.msu.edu/nero/Web/research.html