Reaction Theory for FRIB

Santa Fe, NM
November 3 - 6, 2010


A mini symposium entitled "Reaction Theory for FRIB" which will take place at the DNP meeting in Fall 2010.

Direct reactions with rare isotope beams will be an important part of the science program at future facilities such as FRIB. The community understands how essential it is to develop reaction theory valid for these exotic nuclei and understand well the uncertainties involved and the level of accuracy that can be expected. This mini-syposium will bring together the few-body community and the many-body community to discuss promising developments and stimulate new ideas in the field.

The mini symposium will be part of the DNP Fall meeting in Santa Fe, November 3 - 6 2010. See note below about submitting an abstract.

Please be sure to submit abstracts specifically to this mini symposium when uploading onto the server.

Submitting an abstract:

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