EMMI-JINA Workshop

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Nuclear Physics Processes in
Dynamic High Energy Density Plasmas

October 13th, 2012 @ GSI-Darmstadt, Germany
October 15th-17th, 2012 @ ND London Center, UK


An international EMMI-JINA workshop on "Nuclear Physics Processes in Dynamic High Energy Density (HED) Plasmas" will be held from October 13th to October 17th, 2012. This workshop will bring the international community together at the centrally located Notre Dame London Centre, to discuss the nuclear science opportunities in dynamic plasmas as they are available at new and upcoming high energy density laser and accelerator facilities (e. g. FAIR, FRIB, NIF-LLNL, OMEGA-LLE, PETAL-LMJ, POLARIS-HIJ, ELI, PHELIX-GSI) in Europe and the North-American Continent. A one day school is planned for introducing the topic, critical questions and the status of the field to a broader student and postdoc audience. This event will take place as part of the workshop on October 13th, 2012 at the EMMI facilities at GSI-Darmstadt.

The workshop at the London Centre will focus on critical questions associated with nuclear physics research opportunities on laser plasma facilities. The discussion will focus on the study of nuclear reaction processes in high energy density plasmas that are of interest for stellar burning. Of particular interest are the possibilities and recent results for s-process nucleosynthesis, where the associated neutron capture reactions have been traditionally studied at dedicated neutron-beam facilities. Experiments at such facilities are limited to measurements of ground state neutron capture. Laser plasma experiments provide the first opportunity to study neutron capture on thermally populated states. A number of other questions arise for nuclear physics experiments at dynamic plasma conditions. The complexity of the short-lived plasma environments requires the measurements and understanding of the time dependent temperature and density conditions of the plasma as well as the identification of plasma and atomic mediated effects (e. g. excited atomic shell configurations) on processes causing and affecting nuclear excitations and reactions. Developments of novel experimental techniques and the interplay of integral measurements utilizing laser produced high-density plasmas and differential measurements at accelerators to benchmark specific processes will be discussed.

It is planned throughout the workshop to provide an overview of the status and opportunities for nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics experiments at European and US laser plasma laboratories. Selected speakers will present the latest results and discuss future directions that can be envisioned at high power laser facilities; e. g. the workshop will include discussions of nuclear targets for first experiments at NIF.

Date and Place:
A one-day EMMI-JINA school is planned to be held on Saturday October 13th, 2012 at the GSI-Darmstadt, For this meeting in Darmstadt accommodations near the GSI are available; the meeting starts at Saturday morning and ends in the early afternoon.

The main part of the workshop is planned for Monday October 15th, through Wednesday October 17th, 2012 at the London Centre of the University of Notre Dame (JINA). For the London meeting, talks will be scheduled from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon. As demonstrated in the previous workshop, the center near Trafalgar Square is very well suited for such an event with various accommodations near by.

Talks will include facility status reports (e. g. NIF (LLNL), FAIR (GSI)) as well as presentations on the first experimental results and planed experiments. A "round table" discussion will conclude the workshop.

Scientific Case:
The Extreme Matter Institute (EMMI) and the Joint Institute for Nuclear astrophysics (JINA) are organizing a workshop on "Nuclear Physics in Hot Dense Dynamic Plasmas". The main purpose of the workshop is to identify experimental opportunities for nuclear astrophysics in short-lived, high energy density plasma environments as they are available for example at the National Ignition Facility NIF, advanced accelerator facilities and the combination of laser and advanced accelerator facilities (e. g. PHELIX laser and GSI storage ring (ESR) and FAIR). The workshop in October, 2012, is in sequence with the "Workshop on Neutron-Capture Nucleosynthesis using the National Ignition Facility" which took place on March 23-25, 2010 at Berkeley, CA, USA and a follow up workshop in March 13-14, 2011 at the London Centre of the University of Notre Dame in London, UK.

Experimental access to NIF is available for the international community and it is anticipated that the workshop will provide the opportunity for participants from different countries to get together and discuss ongoing and future research activities. This includes novel experimental techniques and developments, which would help to utilize and diagnose HED environments and their dynamics, for nuclear astrophysics experiments. The unique HED plasma conditions, such as high neutron, photon and charged particle fluxes, open up new opportunities to study plasma/atomic mediated nuclear processes. On the other hand, the combination of intense heavy-ion beams (ESR) and recently completed high-power laser (PHELIX) beams available at GSI offers exciting opportunities to explore matter in new regimes of density, temperature, and pressure. By bringing together outstanding experts from the fields of X-ray spectroscopy, strong-field atomic physics with highly charged ions and plasma physics; the workshop will provide a unique interdisciplinary discussion forum for future experiments and theory within HED research programs.

Michael Wiescher
Phone: 574 631 6788
E-mail: wiescher.1@nd.edu

Karlheinz Langanke
GSI/EMMI, Germany
Phone: +496159712747
E-mail: k.langanke@gsi.de

Dieter Schneider
ExtreMe Matter Institute
Phone: +49 6159 71 2727, 925 423 5940
E-mail: schneider2@llnl.gov

Estimated Number of Participants:
We expect about 40-50 participants for the workshop at the London Centre of the University of Notre Dame (JINA) and 25 participants for the school event at GSI-Darmstadt.

Tentative List of Key Topics for the EMMI-JINA Workshop:
-- Workshop at the London Centre
Nuclear astro-physics in terrestrial HED environments
Nuclear Science opportunities at NIF and complementary facilities
Status of NIF/NIC, Diagnostic Performance and first experiments
Experimental developments
HIJ Laser R&D and Plasma Physics
Nuclear theory intersection
Planetary Science
-- Day at GSI-Darmstadt
Nuclear Plasma Physics Overview

Costs and Support:
There is no registration fee. In turn, most participants will have to use their own funding to finance the travel and accommodation. Coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided, a well as daily lunches.
The workshop will be organized around a number of keynote talks by experts in the various fields. Limited support of EU 1000/person will be available for the speakers to provide for travel support. Speakers from European countries are eligible for up to EU 500/person. We in particular want to encourage students and young scientists from nuclear-, atomic- and plasma physics communities to participate in the proposed workshop. A limited support of E500/person for students will be available.

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