JINA Mini-workshop on Weak Interactions in Dense Matter

Michigan State University
November 12-16, 2012

An informal JINA "Mini-workshop" will be organized at MSU from November 12-16, 2012 on "Weak interactions in dense matter". We will discuss neutrino interactions in dense matter, the relation to the symmetry energy in the nuclear matter equation of state, and implications for the r-process. The "workshop" is informal without a fixed schedule and minimal planned presentations. The program is expected to evolve during the workshop and related topics might be discussed as well. Participants are listed below.

Sanjay Reddy (INT)
Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo (TUD/GSI)
Gang Shen (INT)
Tobias Fischer (TUD/GSI)
Luke Roberts (Lick)
Thomas Rodriguez (TUD/GSI)
Tomislav Marketin (TUD/GSI)
Andrew Steiner (INT)
Matt Mumpower (Notre Dame)
Rebecca Surman (Notre Dame)

Local Participants

Remco Zegers
Alex Brown
Bill Lynch
Hendrik Schatz
Irina Sagert
Pawel Danielewicz
Ed Brown
Zibigniew Chajecki
Laurens Keek
Fernando Montes

Oct. 30, 2012