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Nucleosynthesis Movies

( You can download QuickTime Player here if you need. )
( You can download Flash Player here if you need. )

r-process movie:
See the r-process creating the heavy elements.
QuickTime version | AVI version | Information

rp-process movie:
See the nuclear reactions that generate the energy for an X-ray burst.
QuickTime Version | AVI version | Information

X-ray burst simulations movies:
Three movies are presented from a fiducial simulation of a 3keV accretion disk interacting with the magnetic field of a 1.4 solar mass neutron star.
X-Ray Burst Simulations

p-process movies:
The p-process is responsible for the origin of the rare proton rich isotopes in nature, which are heavier than iron.
p-process movie 1 | p-process movie 2
( Presentation | Information )

Three Supernova Movies:
A radiation-diffusion/hydrodynamic simulation of the early development in 2D of the explosion of the core of a massive star. The collapse of a rapidly rotating massive star core. A representative 2D multi-group, flux-limited diffusion rad/hydro simulation of the collapse of a rotating Chandrasekhar core.
Supernova Movies

Note: The p-process movies require a Macromedia Flash Player to view them. Please go to the "Flash Player Tuneup" page if you have problems to view the movies.

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