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Outreach Links

Below are selected outreach programs and links for various audiences in the science community. By no means is this list entirely comprehensive. If you have an outreach program you would liked linked from our page, please let us know.

General Audience
- Science for All Ages

* The Adler Planetarium &
   Astronomy Museum, Chicago, Illinois

* Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley
   National Laboratory

* The History and Fate of the Universe:
   An Interactive tour of the history and
   fate of the universe by LBNL & CPEP

* The JINA-CEE's Virtual Journal
   includes general audience publications.
   Click here to search for nuclear
   astrophysics articles in Nature,
   Science and other popular science

* CHANDRA X-Ray Observatory:
   Public information and education

* The Hubble Space Telescope
   Online explorations for everyone

* NASA Education
   Learning and teaching information for all

* StarDate - Beyond the solar system
   The public education and outreach info

International Outreach

* University of Surrey, UK

* Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics,

Secondary and High School Audiences
- for Teachers and/or Students

* QuarkNet at Notre Dame

* HSHSP at Michigan State University

* The Chicago Public Schools/University
   of Chicago Internet Project

* American Association of Physics Teachers

* Sensing The Cosmos (Summer Camp for
   Middle School Students)

Undergraduates and Beyond

* The National Science Foundation

* The University of Notre Dame
    Upward Bound Program
    Educational Talent Search

* REU at Michigan State University

* The University of Notre Dame

* QuarkNet at Notre Dame

* American Physical Society

* American Association of Physics Teachers

* Society of Physics Students

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