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JINA-CEE Working Group Chemical Evolution

Chairs: Benoit Côté (MSU & UVic) and Brian O'Shea (MSU)
Galactic chemical evolution is a multidisciplinary field that involves nuclear astrophysics, astronomical observations, and galaxy evolution theories in a cosmological context. The primary goal of the Chemical Evolution working group is to benefit from the diverse JINA-CEE research activities and to coordinate collaborative efforts to answer fundamental questions regarding the origin and evolution of all elements and isotopes observed in the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies. This working groups will exploit input from other JINA-CEE working groups such as the Stellar Burning and First Star Nucleosynthesis, the Origin of the r-Process, and the Stellar Yields groups.

If you are interested in joining the JINA-CEE Chemical Evolution Working Group, please contact the chairs: Benoit Côté (bcote at uvic.ca) and Brian O'Shea (oshea at msu.edu)
Other Working Group Members:
Roland Diehl (MPI Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching) Falk Herwig (UVic)
Rana Ezzeddine (MIT) John Lattanzio (Monash Univ.)
Gareth Few (Univ. Hull) Marco Pignatari (Univ. Hull)
Christopher Fryer (LANL) Vinicius Placco (Univ. Notre Dame)
Brad Gibson (Univ. Hull) Evan Scannapieco (ASU)

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