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JINA-CEE Working Group X-Ray Bursts

Chairs: Catherine Deibel (LSU) and Hendrik Schatz (MSU/NSCL)
X-ray bursts are thought to be the most frequent thermonuclar explosions in the universe and occur on the surface of accreting neutron stars. The broader goal of the X-ray burst working group is to facilitate the combination of observations, observational data analysis, theoretical modeling, nuclear physics experiments, and nuclear theory to advance our understanding of X-ray bursts and the underlying neutron star.

If you are interested in joining the JINA-CEE X-ray Bursts Working Group, please contact the chairs: Catherine Deibel (deibel at phys.lsu.edu) and Hendrik Schatz (Schatz at nscl.msu.edu)
Other Working Group Members:
Matt Amthor (Bucknell Univ.) Duncan Galloway (Monash Univ.)
Melina Avila (ANL) Adelle Goodwin (Monash Univ.)
Dan Bardayan (UND) Alexander Heger (Monash Univ.)
Edward Brown (MSU) Laurens Keek (NASA Goddard)
Carl Brune (OU) Adam Jacobs (NSCL/MSU)
Andrew Cumming (McGill) Zac Johnston (Monash Univ.)
Alex Deibel (MSU) Christoph Langer (Goethe Univ. Frankfurt)
Jacob Elliot (CMU) Zach Meisel (OU)
Alfredo Estrade (CMU) Fernando Montes (NSCL)
Alexandra Gade (NSCL) Chris Ruiz (TRIUMF)

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