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JINA-CEE Working Group Stellar Yields

Chairs: Falk Herwig (UVic) and Frank Timmes (ASU)
The goal of the Stellar Yields Working Group is to create new data and software tools that have a significant impact on the wider astronomy community. Examples of our products include open software instruments for stellar evolution, tools for nucleosynthesis post-processing of stellar evolution tracks, the NuGrid yields sets, as well as easy-to-use platforms for analyzing and disseminating yields data for chemical evolution and nuclear astrophysics applications. The Stellar Yields Working Group closely collaborates with other Working Groups on the JINA-CEE Major Activities.

If you are interested in joining the JINA-CEE Stellar Yields please contact the chairs.
Other Working Group Members:
Ondrea Clarkson (UVic) Amanda Karakas (Monash Univ.)
Sean Couch (MSU) John Lattanzio (Monash Univ.)
Pavel Denissenkov (UVic) Ilka Petermann (ASU)
Alexander Heger (Monash Univ.) Marco Pignatari (Univ. Hull)
Carla Froehlich (NCSU) Christian Ritter (UVic)
Chris Fryer (LANL)  

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