Talks at the Workshop
on the Underground Accelerator
for Nuclear Astrophysics

October 27-28, 2003
Marriott University Park Hotel, Tucson, AZ



NUSEL and the Underground Accelerator Wick Haxton (U. Washington)
Nuclear Astrophysics - Underground Michael Wiescher (Notre Dame)
Background Reduction by Gamma-Ray Tracking Mario Cromaz (LBNL)
Technical Aspects and Specifications
of the LUNA Facility
Frank Strieder
(Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Status of High Current Ion Sources Daniela Leitner (LBNL)
Is an RFQ a good candidate for a next-
generation underground accelerator?
Tom Wangler (LANL)
Accelerators (<1 MeV/n) for Low-Energy Measurements Jose Alonso, Rick Gough (LBNL)
Experimental Status of the LUNA Facility at Gran Sasso P. Prati (INFN Genoa)
Recoil Separator Techniques J.C. Blackmon (Physics Division, ORNL)
Neutron Detection Techniques Carl R. Brune (Ohio University, Athens OH)

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