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Nuclear Physics

  • Report on the Review of Options for Underground Science, 2011 Report

  • Accelerating Innovation - How nuclear physics benefits us all, 2010 Nuclear Physics Brochure

  • The Science of RIA, 2006
    A Brochure from the RIA Users Community

  • RIA Theory blue book, 2005
    A Road Map

  • Facilities for the Future of Science, 2003
    A Twenty-Year Outlook

  • Nuclear Physics News, 2002
    Nuclear Physics at Notre Dame

  • The DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee report, 2002
    Opportunities in Nuclear Science:
    A Long Range Plan for the Next Decade

  • Report of the NSAC Subcommittee Low Energy Nuclear Physics, 2001
    NSAC Subcommittee Low Energy Nuclear Physics

  • Report on the DNP Town Meeting of the NSAC Subcommittee in Oakland, CA, 2000
    Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics





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