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 JINA Underground

Underground Laboratory

More Information about Underground

  • Report on the Review of Options for Underground Science 2011 Report

  • Extracted from the Introduction of the Underground Accelerator White Paper White Paper

  • Principal Aspects of the Homestake Conceptual Design Report, 2007 Report

  • SEL S1 Report "Deep Science", 2006
    2006 Version

  • Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory Site Independent Study, 2005
    The S1 Interim Report

  • Recent results and status of the 14N(p,y)15O
    measurement at LUNA, 2004
    by Heide Costantini
    Dipartimento di Fisica and INFN, Genova, Italy

    Nuclear Seminar Talk at University of Notre Dame

  • Report of the National Underground Laboratory Committee, Berkeley, CA, 2001
    The Bahcall Report

  • Report on Underground Science, 2001
    Underground Science





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