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Research Highlights - (2009 - 2011)

Here we provide short descriptive summaries of the major accomplishments and highlights of JINA research so far.

Research Highlights (2015 - 2017)
Research Highlights (2012 - 2014)
Research Highlights (2009 - 2011)
Research Highlights (2006 - 2008)
Research Highlights (2003 - 2005)

MA 1: Nucleosynthesis and
Chemical Evolution

Year 2009 - 2011

Neutron-capture nucleosynthesis in stellar combustion

Quantifying Kinematic Substructure in the Halo of the Milky Way

The Southern Proper Motion Program

The Chemical Abundances in the Stellar Halo (CASH) Project

Extreme Enhancements of r-process Elements in a Cool Metal-Poor Main-Sequence Star from SDSS/SEGUE

Formation and Evolution of the Disk System of the Milky Way: [a/Fe] Ratios and Kinematics of the SEGUE G-Dwarf Sample

Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP) Stars in the Inner and Outer Halo of the Milky Way

Measurement of (g,a) reactions with the STAR bubble chamber: a proof of principle

A Jet-Gastarget for the St. George recoil mass separator

BD+44:493 A Ninth Magnitude Messenger from the Early Universe

Injection of 60Fe into the Solar System

Nuclear Astrophysics at HIgS

Neutron poisoning efficiency of 16O in the s-process

SDSS Imaging Enables Metallicity Maps of the Disks and Halos of the Milky Way

Experimental study of 11,12B(n,g) reactions for r-process nucleosynthesis

Experimental investigation of the reactions 25Mg(a,n)28Si, 26Mg(a,n)29Si and 18O(a,n)21Ne

Oxygen Abundances for a Large Sample of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars

15N(p,g) Experiment and R-Matrix Analysis

Direct Measurement of 69Br Ground State Proton Emission and Implications for the rp-Process

The Cross Section of the 14N(p,g)15O Reaction in the CNO Cycle

Searches for Unrecognized Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars

The Halos of the Milky Way

MA 2: White Dwarf Explosions:
Novae and Type Ia Supernovae

Year 2009 - 2011

Gamow-Teller transitions from 56Ni

Nucleosynthesis of 56Ni in Type Ia Supernova

Nuclear Reactions in Supernova Explosions

On the Path to Measuring the
Neutrino Mass

Dimension as a Key to the Neutrino Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions

Theoretical Support for the Hydrodynamic Mechanism of Pulsar Kicks

Induced Rotation in 3D Simulations of Core- Collapse Supernovae:Implications for Pulsar Spins

Gamow-Teller transitions to 64Cu measured with the 64Zn(t,3He) reaction (Image)

Fusion Reactions at the Limits of Stability

Collisions between two White Dwarfs

3D - The Next Crucial Step in Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations

Systematic Influence of 22Ne on Type Ia Supernovae Dynamics

Test of extraplating models for heavy Ion fusion reactions at extreme sub-barrier energies

Trends in 44Ti and 56Ni from Core-Collapse Supernovaes

Systematic Study of a-Optical Potentials for p-Process

Mass Measurements with Penning Traps and Reaction Q-values

MA 3: Neutron Stars

Year 2009 - 2011

Rapid proton capture waiting points revisited: 97Cd found to have long lived excited state

Multi-Zone Models of Superbursts from Accreting Neutron Stars

Decay studies of rp-process waiting points 96Cd, 98In, and 100Sn

Cooling Neutron Star Crusts

“Faster reacting” 12C + 12C: Implications for neutron star superbursts

Understanding X-ray Bursts

The (a, p)-process in X-Ray Bursts: Reaction rates studied with Radioactive Ion Beams at ATLAS

Constraints on Neutron Star Crusts from Oscillations in Giant Flares

Possible Resonances in the 12C+12C Fusion Rate and Superburst Ignition

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Multi-species Neutron Star Crust Conductivity

Reaction Rate Sensitivity in the Neutrino p-Process

Outreach and Synergy

Year 2009 - 2011

Supernovae in a Lab & Messages from Exploding Stars @ Centre Branch, SJCPL

Art 2 Science @ Gallistel Language Academy, Chicago IL

Art 2 Science After-School @ El Campito & Monroe Circle Community Center

Physics Olympics @ MSU

Edison School Visit @ Notre Dame

Celebrate Science Indiana
@ Indianapolis

JINA Exhibit ND vs MSU Tailgate @ ND

Math, Science, Technology 2011 @ MSU

Physics of Atomic Nuclei 2011 @ MSU

Art to Science Camp 2011 @ Notre Dame

Math, Science, and Technology (MST) Program @ MSU 2010

Physics of the Atomic Nuclei (PAN) Program @ MSU 2010

USA Science & Engineering Festival 2010

The Heart of the Milky Way Revealed by NASA's Great Observatories 2009

Math, Science, and Technology (MST) Program @ MSU 2009

PIXE-PAN 2009 @ Notre Dame

Physics of the Atomic Nuclei (PAN) Program @ MSU 2009

Sensing Our World Go Green @ Notre Dame 2009

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