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JINA-CEE Archives

JINA News -- Science magazine highlights JINA-CEE r-process paper Details

JINA News -- New International Partners with JINA-CEE Details

JINA News -- Underground Accelerator CASPAR picks up speed Details

JINA News -- MacKenzie Warren's online seminar: "Using the entire toolbox: exploring core-collapse supernovae using spherically symmetric simulations" Details

JINA News -- Advanced LIGO and the Origin of the r-Process Details

JINA News -- Following the Cosmic Evolution Of Pristine Gas Details

JINA News -- Timmes Receives New NSF Grant for 'Library of the Stars' MESA Details

JINA News -- Benoit Cote's (UVic & MSU) online seminar: "Extending the JINA-NuGrid Galactic Chemical Evolution Pipeline to Cosmological Scales" Details

JINA News -- i-process Nucleosynthesis and Mass Retention Efficiency in He-shell Flash Evolution of Rapidly Accreting White Dwarfs Details

JINA News -- Matthew Mumpower (Los Alamos National Laboratory) online seminar: "Nuclear Properties From r-Process Abundances" Details

JINA News -- First CASPAR Beam on the Horizon Details

JINA News -- A Lower Limit on the Heat Capacity of a Neutron Star Core Details

JINA News -- Fingerprinting Neutron Stars Through Thermonuclear Bursts Details

JINA News -- Rp-process in X-ray Bursts May Produce Heavier Elements Faster Details

JINA News -- Impact of (α, n) Reactions on Weak r-Process in Neutrino-Driven Winds Details

JINA News -- Islands of Non-Explodability and Chemical Evolution Details

JINA News -- Panos Gastis (CMU) online seminar: Investigating the role of νp-process: in preparation for the measurement of the 56Co(p,n)56Ni reaction Details

JINA News -- Radioactive Beam Experiment Sheds Light on Nova Explosions Details

JINA News -- February 2017 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Matter Neutrino Resonance in Neutron Star Merger Remnants Details

JINA News -- In memoriam: Mary Beard Details

JINA News -- December 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Laurens Keek's (NASA Goddard) online seminar: An Exceptionally Long Thermonuclear Burst from IGR J17062-6143: deep ignition and the impact on its surroundings Details

JINA News -- Researchers propose low-mass supernova triggered formation of our solar system Details

JINA News -- Investigating the Thermal Properties of Nuclear Pasta with Neutron Stars Details

JINA News -- October 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Broken Neutron Link in the Sky Details

JINA News -- Rana Ezzeddine's JINA-CEE online seminar: A Non-LTE iron abundance study of Ultra-metal poor stars Details

JINA News -- Zach Meisel's JINA-CEE Online Seminar on Nuclear Thermostats: Urca Pairs in Accreting Neutron Star Oceans and Crusts Details

JINA News -- ICNT/JINA-CEE workshop 'Connecting FRIB with the Cosmos' held in June 2016 at MSU Details

JINA News -- JINA-CEE Astronomers pinpoint how Milky Way Galaxy was formed Details

JINA News -- Xilin Zhang's JINA-CEE online seminar on "Hot and dense matter beyond relativistic mean field theory" Details

JINA News -- August 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Investigating the Thermal Properties of Nuclear Pasta with Neutron Stars Details

JINA News -- Broken Neutron Link in the Sky Details

JINA News -- Four JINA-CEE participants named APS fellows 2016 Details

JINA News -- Nuclear Physics Is Needed To Predict White Dwarf Properties Details

JINA News -- June 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA Event -- A New Study of One of the First Stars Details

JINA News -- "What is Nuclear Astrophysics?" Our Director Hendrik Schatz explains trends in Nuclear Astrophysics in the Journal of Physics. Details

JINA News -- Sean Couch and Christopher Wrede Receive DOE's Early Career Research Program Funding Details

JINA News -- Uncertainties in Galactic Chemical Evolution Models Details

JINA News -- A Rare and Prolific r-Process Event Preserved in an Ancient Dwarf Galaxy Details

JINA News -- March 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- The Impact of Individual Nuclear Properties on r-process Nucleosynthesis Details

JINA News -- January 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Carl Fields Awarded Both an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Details

JINA News -- David Radice's JINA-CEE online seminar on "Double Neutron Star Mergers Details

JINA News -- New Evidence for the i-process in the Early Galaxy Details

JINA News -- Chris Sullivan's JINA-CEE Online Seminar on The Sensitivity of Core-collapse Supernovae to Nuclear Electron Capture Details

JINA News -- Alessandro Roggero's JINA-CEE Online Seminar on "Thermal Conductivity and Impurity Scattering in the Accreting Neutron Star Crust Details

JINA News -- Predicting charged-particle reaction rates with HABANERO Details

JINA News -- Tracing the Origins of Stardust in the Nuclear Physics Lab Details

JINA News -- March issue of our bimonthly JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Quo vadis nuclear astrophyscis? White paper on current status and prospects of the field of research published on the arXiv Details

JINA News -- Sebastien Guillot's JINA-CEE online seminar on "How to measure the radius of neutron stars?" Details

JINA News -- Jonas Lippuner's Online Seminar on "r-Process Nucleosynthesis in Neutron Star Mergers". Details

JINA News -- CASPAR Accelerator Assembled Underground. Details

JINA News -- January 2016 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- First Science Result With the JENSA Gas-Jet Target. Details

JINA News -- A Speed Trap for Nuclei. Details

JINA News -- Hubble Space Telescope Near-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Bright CEMP-s Stars. Details

JINA News -- Sean Couch's Online Seminar on "Simulations of Supernovae in 3D". Details

JINA News -- Discovery of the Brightest Ultra-Metal Poor Star. Details

JINA News -- Our Director Hendrik Schatz explains how nuclear accelerators relate to astrophysics in this great TedX talk. Watch the video.Details

JINA News -- Fall 2013 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Discover Magazine: The Archaeology of Stars -- JINA-CEE researchers seek to understand the origins of our universe by reconstructing the lives of its oldest sources of light.Details

JINA News -- Measurements alter our understanding of neutron star surfacesDetails

JINA News -- Low energy fusion studies for stellar carbon burningDetails

JINA News -- Google Hangout for JINA-CEEDetails

JINA News -- Seeing triple: New 3-D model could solve supernova mysteryDetails

JINA News -- Spring 2013 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- Shallow Heating in Neutron StarsDetails

JINA News -- Pre-college science programs lead to more science majorsDetails

JINA News -- Kids summer camp merges art and science at Notre DameDetails

JINA News -- The NSF Physics Division hosted a live hour-long Google Hangout with JINA-CEE at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT on Thursday, July 30, 2015. Details

JINA News -- The Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics, Center for the Evolution of the Elements (JINA-CEE) has two new partners in its effort to foster scientific collaboration across nuclear astrophysics at institutions around the world. Recently, memoranda of understanding (MOU) were signed with TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. Details

JINA News -- January 2013 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA News -- A web-based interface to the stellar evolution code, Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA), MESA-Web can be used for education purposes to calculate stellar models over a range of masses, metallicities, and rotational values. Website

JINA Event -- Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VII: 28th EPS Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference was held on May 18 - 22, 2015 in York, North Yorkshire, UK. Website

JINA News -- AZURE2, a new R-matrix program written in C++ and built upon standard scientific libraries, has been released. It incorporates the graphical setup interface and R-matrix calculations into a single executable. The code also offers additional reaction physics including, but not limited to, multiple entrance channel calculations, beta delayed particle emission, and total cross section analysis for nucleon capture. The website has been updated with the new version of the source code, binaries for Windows and OS X, documentation, and a tutorial with examples to help you get started. Website

JINA News -- The NSF announced that the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics - Center for the Evolution of Elements will continue to be designated as a Physics Frontiers Center. Details || Read more

JINA Event -- The JINA-CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics Meeting was organized on March 23-25, 2015, at the James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI. Website

JINA News -- Dr. Frank Timmes awarded a Simons Fellowship in Theoretical Physics. Details || Simons Fellows Awardees: Theoretical Physics

JINA Event -- The workshop on r-Process: Status and Challenges was held at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA from July 28 - August 1, 2014. Website

JINA News -- October 2012 issue of our JINA-CEE newsletter Details

JINA Event -- The 13th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos took place in Debrecen, Hungary from July 7 to 11, 2014. Website

JINA Event -- TALENT: Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory was organized at Michigan State University from May 28 - June 13, 2014. Website

JINA Research -- A Special Topics issue of AIP Advances entitled Stardust: Progress and Problems in Nuclear Astrophysics, M.G. Bertolli and K.A. Chipps, editors, has just been published. The issue features contributions on cutting-edge nuclear astrophysics research in the US and abroad from many of the field’s top experimentalists, theorists, and modelers, including several JINA-affiliated researchers. Read

JINA Event -- The 2nd AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Division Meeting was held at the Westin Copley Place in Boston, MA from June 1 - 5, 2014. Details

JINA Meeting -- The meeting "Compact Objects in Michigan" took place at National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), Michigan State University on April 25, 2014. Website

JINA Workshop -- A Workshop on Neutrino and Nuclear Astrophysics was held on April 14-16, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Details

JINA Research -- Nature article: Strong neutrino cooling by cycles of electron capture and β- decay in neutron star crusts. Read

JINA Research -- A complete description of the origin of 35 isotopes (the p-nuclei) on the neutron-deficient side of the chart of nuclides has remained elusive to the nuclear astrophysics community. The favored scenario of photodisintegration reactions inside of type II supernovae) has failed to reproduce the observed abundance pattern. In an effort to improve the nuclear physics inputs in the models, JINA investigators designed the Summing Na(Tl) SUN detector at the NSCL to measure proton and alpha capture reactions at astrophysical energies. Details

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