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Research Highlights

Here we provide short descriptive summaries of the major accomplishments and highlights of JINA research so far.

Research Highlights (2015 - 2017)
Research Highlights (2012 - 2014)
Research Highlights (2009 - 2011)
Research Highlights (2006 - 2008)
Research Highlights (2003 - 2005)

Major Accomplishments 2012 - 2014

MA 1 || MA 2 || MA 3 || Outreach

MA 1: Nucleosynthesis and Chemical Evolution
Year 2012 - 2014

Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars in SDSS/SEGUE

22Ne(α,n)26Mg, Neutron source for the weak s-process: exploring the α-threshold in 26Mg

The Origin of Li, C, Sr, and Ba with Four New UMP Stars

Comparative Statistical Model Calculations for Radiative Neutron Capture

Seven New Stars with [Fe/H] < -3.0 – Six of them CEMP-no

The First Hypervelocity Star from the LAMOST Survey

Experimental studies of the 12C+12C fusion reaction at astrophysical energies

Super-massive stars as a source of abundance anomalies of proton-capture elements in globular clusters

Probing the production mechanism of the light p-nuclei

Towards a comprehensive description of electron-capture rates in stellar phenomena

JINA R-matrix Projects

Photonuclear and Radiative Capture Reactions

Using Chemical Evolution to Determine Critical l Areas for Future Research in Dwarf Galaxy Formation and Evolution

The effect of 12C + 12C rate uncertainties on the evolution and nucleosynthesis of massive stars

The Coulomb Dissociation of 60Fe

Very Metal-Poor Halo Stars with Round Orbits

HST Abundances of Heavy Elements in the U-rich EMP Star CS 31082-001

The First “Fair” Metallicity Distribution Function of the Galactic Halo from SDSS

High-Resolution Spectroscopic Observations of a Large Sample of VMP Stars from SDSS/SEGUE

An Update on BD+44:493, a CEMP-no Star Formed from First-Generation Stellar Nucleosynthesis ?

Application of the Hypatia Catalog: Potentially Habitable Stellar Systems

Charged Particle Reaction Predictions for NIF

Freeze-out Yields of Radioactivities in Core-collapse Supernovae

Stellar Abundances in the Solar Neighborhood: The Hypatia Catalog

Statistical Chemical Tagging in the Smooth Halo

The Case for the Dual Halo of the Milky Way

Detection of the Second r-Process Peak Element Tellurium in
Metal-Poor Stars

The Binary Frequency of r-Process-Element Enhanced Stars and its Implications

11B Made in the Neutrino Process Constrains the Neutrino Spectra from Core Collapse Supernovae

Detecting signatures of galaxies merging into the Milky Way

Modeling Galactic Chemical Evolution

R-matrix Analysis of 16O Reactions

Using Chemical Evolution to Determine Critical Areas for Future Research in Dwarf Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Initial Tests for the New 5MV Accelerator


MA 2: White Dwarf Explosions: Novae and Type Ia Supernovae
Year 2012 - 2014

Studies of Fusion Reactions in the Systems 12C + 10,14,15C and their Relation to X-ray Superbursts

Indirect Measurements of (α,p) Reaction Rates along the αp-Process

Sub Chandrasekhar Models for Supernovae

Convective undershoot mixing in Nova outbursts: the dependence on the composition of the underlying white dwarf

Effective Helium Burning Rates in Supernovae

On Silicon Group Elements Ejected by Supernovae Type Ia

The Lightcurve of SN 1987A Revisited: Constraining Production of Radioactive Nuclides

Dimensional Dependence of Supernova Modeling

MESA Models of Classical Nova Outbursts

Nova Framework: MESA and NuGrid Simulations of Classical Nova Outbursts and Nucleosynthesis

A Super-Eddington Wind Scenario for the Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae

The dependence of the evolution of SN type Ia progenitors on the C burning rate uncertainty and parameters of convective boundary mixing

The C-flame Quenching by Convective Boundary Mixing in Super-AGB Stars and the Formation of Hybrid C/O/Ne White Dwarfs and Supernova Progenitors

Results from Core-Collapse Simulations with Multi- Dimensional, Multi-Angle Neutrino Transport

Sub Chandrasekhar He detonations models for SNIa – How to solve the outer composition problem ?

The Consequences to Type Ia Supernovae of the Pre-Detonation Stellar Velocity Profile

Critical Nuclear Reactions in the νp-process

Nucleosynthesis in White Dwarf Collisions: FLASH versus SNSPH

Remnants Of Binary White Dwarf Mergers

Evaluating Systematic Dependencies of Type Ia Supernovae: The Influence of Central Density

On Determining the Metallicity of Individual Supernova Type Ia

Off-center Collisions of two White Dwarfs: A Type Ia Supernova Progenitor Scenario


MA 3: Neutron Stars
Year 2012 - 2014

Strong neutrino cooling by cycles of electron capture and β-decay in neutron star crusts

Rare Isotope Time Trial Gives Insight to Neutron Star Heat Source

Superburst models for neutron stars with hydrogen and helium-rich atmospheres

Neutron Stars and the Nature of Dense Matter

β-delayed proton emission of 69Kr and the 68Se rp-process waiting point

Superburst Precursor Observations Show Carbon Detonation in Neutron Stars


Outreach and Synergy
Year 2012 - 2014

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN)
High School Students 2014

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN)
Teachers 2014

Art Week Camp
@ St. Pat's Park 2014

Art 2 Science with NYP at UMBC

Art 2 Science Camp 2014

Math, Science, Technology 2014 @ MSU

Science Days at ND
– Spring 2014

Science for Ambitious Girls
at St. Pat's Park

MSU Science Festival
USA Science & Engineering Festival 2014

Art 2 Science Afer-School @ El Campito, MC3, New Carlisle Library & REACH Art Studio

Boy Scout Nuclear Science Merit Badge

Science Alive 2014, South Bend, IN

PAN @ IMSA Intersession 2014

National Nuclear Science Week 2013

Indiana Expos - Fall 2013

Math, Science, Technology 2013 @ MSU

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN)
High School Students 2013

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN)
Teachers 2013

Art 2 Science Camp 2013

Mad Scientist Camp @ St. Pat's Park 2013

Spring Art 2 Science @ Center for the Homeless

MSU Sci-Fest & NSCL Open House

Expanding Your Horizons 2013

MSTCi Power and Energy Expo

Field Trips to NSL at ND - 2013

Marble Nuclei in the Classroom

Mini-PAN @ HASTI 2013

Science Alive 2013, South Bend, IN

PAN Intersession 2013 @
IMSA, Aurora IL

JINA Visits to Elementary Schools

St. ANA Dedication and NSL Open House

Art 2 Science After-School @ REACH,
El Campito, MC3, & Center for the Homeless

South Bend, IN Initiatives

JINA WaMPS Outreach

CSI @ Indianapolis 2012

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN) @ MSU 2012

JINA Tailgate MSU vs ND 2012

Art 2 Science Camp @ ND 2012

PAN @ ND 2012

Art week at St. Pat's Park 2012

Science Days at ND 2012

Transit of Venus & Visions of the Universe

2012 School Visits in Michigan and Indiana

Online Collaborative Efforts

Boy Scout Science Badges

Art 2 Science Afer-School @ El Campito, Woodland, Kennedy, and Hay Schools

USA Science & Engineering Festival 2012

PAN Intersession @ IMSA, Aurora, IL

Science Alive 2012 @ SJCPL South Bend


Science Cafes in South Bend

Math, Science & Technology at MSU 2012


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