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The DIANA collaboration has been formed to design and built an underground accelerator laboratory, Dual Ion Accelerators for Nuclear Astrophysics (DIANA), at the 4,850 feet mid-level campus in SURF. The two proposed complementary high intensity accelerators will support experiments that address long-standing questions in the field providing potentially transformational results about the inner structure and working of stars.

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* A Town meeting for China Jinping Underground Lab's 2nd-phase development was held on September 8, 2013 in Asilomar, California, USA. Details

* The DIANA scientific collaboration has chosen Sanford Lab as the preferred site for the Dual Ion Accelerators for Nuclear Astrophysics (DIANA) experiment, led by University of Notre Dame (UND) Physics Professor Michael Wiescher. In addition to UND, the DIANA collaboration includes researchers from MSU, UNC, WMU, Colorado School of Mines, and LBNL, as well as from a number of researchers from European Institutions.

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